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Carter and O'Neill are in some sort of icy cavern. O'Neill is unconscious, but Carter gets up and takes off her helmet. Where are they? 


O ' NEILL: Aargh, eurgh. 

CARTER: Colonel... 

O ' NEILL: Carter... 

CARTER: Try to stay put Sir, I think your leg's broken. 

O ' NEILL: No, my leg's definitely broken. This is bad news, 'cause unless they've redecorated the 'gate room I don't think we're in Kansas anymore.

CARTER: Daniel must have misdialled. 

O ' NEILL: Misdialled? You mean this place is a wrong number? Ah, for crying out loud. Where is he? 

CARTER: He's not here, Sir, neither is Teal'c. 

O ' NEILL: No, he has to be. [He goes to use the radio] 

CARTER: Yeah, I tried that. You've been unconscious for nearly two hours.

O ' NEILL: They came through the 'gate before we did. 

CARTER: I know that, I also know we're alone here, wherever here is. 

O ' NEILL: Ice. Nice. 

CARTER: Yeah, I think we're inside a deep crevasse of a glacier. If their Stargate's been overrun by ice, possibly on a planet in the middle of an ice age. Now, there is some light filtering through up there and there are some fissures in the ice, but all of them are too narrow to follow very far. We're in trouble, Sir. 

O ' NEILL: Oh, nonsense. We'll just dial home and straighten all this out. [He looks around] Where's the DHD? 

CARTER: Can't find that either. 

O ' NEILL: Oh, so, uh, we're in trouble. 

CARTER: We're in trouble. 


In the icy place, Carter is setting O'Neill's leg. 

O ' NEILL: Aargh! Oh, God.... Ah. 

CARTER: Okay, I think it's set. 

O ' NEILL: You THINK it's set? 

CARTER: I'm positive. All we have to do is put a splint on it and you'll be as good as new. 

O ' NEILL: Just take it easy, Doctor. 

CARTER: Wrong kind of doctor, I'm afraid. 

O ' NEILL: You wouldn't think jagged bone digging into raw nerves would hurt, but it does. 

CARTER: Sorry Sir, but I've never done this before in my life. Is this your first broken bone? 

O ' NEILL: Ah, ah, no, this would be, uh, nine, if you count skull fractures.

CARTER: How did you manage that? 

O ' NEILL: Little parachuting mishap, over the borders of Iran and Iraq, in 1980...uh.... 

CARTER: Okay, this is gonna hurt, Sir. 

O ' NEILL: Ah! I know, I know, I know, I know. 

CARTER: So, what happened? 

O ' NEILL: I hit the ground. Go figure. Ah! God...ah.... My chute opened late, and it hurt, just like that. 

CARTER: I'm sorry Colonel, I'm doing the best I can. 

O ' NEILL: I know you are, Captain, can you just be done? 

CARTER: So you hit the ground, and...? 

O ' NEILL: And they all lived happily ever after. 

CARTER: Almost there, almost there. 

O ' NEILL: No, you're there Captain, you're there. That's a great splint. Stop! Stop...ah... 

CARTER: So, how long before you were rescued? 

O ' NEILL: No rescue. It wasn't official mission, if you know what I mean, so I had to make it out on my own. It took nine days. 

CARTER: Wow, what got you through it? 

O ' NEILL: Sara... 

CARTER: Your wife. 

O ' NEILL: At the time. I needed to see her again. You tallied our supplies yet? 

CARTER: Yeah, Sir, supplied for three days, but we can stretch that. We've got a little drinking water, but... 

O ' NEILL: Ice melts. 

CARTER: Yeah, and we've got our field cooking gear to melt it. Flashlight batteries are gonna be a problem. We've got thermal blankets. 

O ' NEILL: That's great. By the way, Captain, we ARE going to get out of here, that's an order. 

CARTER: How's the splint feel? 

O ' NEILL: Captain, you have to believe me. 

CARTER: I want to, Sir, I just don't see how. 

O ' NEILL: Then we'd better start looking for a way. Because I'll be damned if I'm going to die on some god-forsaken block of ice a million light years from home. Is that clear? 

CARTER: Yes Sir. 

O ' NEILL: Good. Now help me up. 

CARTER: Ah, I don't think you should move. 

O ' NEILL: Probably not, but my butt's freezing to the ground. Come on. [Carter helps him up] Ah. [They look around] Ah, a little paint, a coupla windows, maybe a fireplace in the corner, it'll be just like home. 


In the icy place. 

O ' NEILL: We might be able to climb out of here. You might, anyway. 

CARTER: What? 

O ' NEILL: I said, you might be able to climb outta here. 

CARTER: Colonel, I've found it! [She's digging on top of a block of ice] 

O ' NEILL: Found what? 

CARTER: The DHD, I figure the glacial flow must have separated the Stargate from its Dial Home Device, but it looks like it might be intact. [She sweeps the snow away] 

O ' NEILL: [Pulling himself up over the edge of the ice block] Ah, God. Oh. Can we dig it out? 

CARTER: Even if it doesn't work, we can use the chopped ice to melt drinking water. 

O ' NEILL: Alright. 

CARTER: [Carter starts chipping away but stops - O'Neill's clasping his chest] What's wrong with your chest? 

O ' NEILL: I think I cracked a rib too. 

CARTER: Why didn't you say something? 

O ' NEILL: I was afraid you'd try to put a splint on it. I'll be fine. [He gets his knife out and joins in with chipping at the ice] 

CARTER: I've been thinking about where Daniel and Teal'c might be. 

O ' NEILL: Yeah? 

CARTER: So far, I count three possible explanations. One, Daniel misdialled and they're here, somewhere we haven't found. 

O ' NEILL: I don't see 'em. 

CARTER: Right. Two, Daniel didn't misdial but for some reason the Stargate malfunctioned during transit. Don't ask me how, I haven't figured that part out yet. Anyway, they got sent back to Earth, but for some reason we got sent here. 

O ' NEILL: What's three? 

CARTER: Three. The Stargate malfunctioned. We got sent to this planet, Daniel and Teal'c got sent to another one. 

O ' NEILL: What's four? 

CARTER: There is no four. 

O ' NEILL: It's after three. 

CARTER: Not this time, Colonel. 

O ' NEILL: Alright, we'll assume they made it back to Earth. They'll start sending search parties. 

CARTER: To where? 

O ' NEILL: Here, I hope. 

CARTER: Where would they begin? They have no idea where we are. With all the possible Stargates a random search could easily take ten years! 

O ' NEILL: Not if they look here first. 

CARTER: Even if all SG teams started searching right now, the mathematical probability of them even... 

O ' NEILL: Captain! 

CARTER: I think too much. 

They resume chipping. 


In the icy place. 

O ' NEILL: Soups on. [He tips it out] 

CARTER: Just a little more, I'm almost through . 

O ' NEILL: Come on now, you don't want to get cold. 

CARTER: I didn't know you could cook. 

O ' NEILL: I can't, but my melted ice is to die for. 

CARTER: Thank you. Sir, maybe I should have another look at you. 

O ' NEILL: No, I'm fine. Eat. 

CARTER: I've been thinking about how the Stargate might have malfunctioned. 

O ' NEILL: Yeah? 

CARTER: Well, we don't totally understand how it works, but the theory we have so far is that the 'gate creates an artificial wormhole, that somehow transfers an energised matter stream in one direction along an extra-dimensional conduit. I think the matter stream between Stargates got redirected, kind of like a lightning bolt jumping from one point to another in mid-strike. Now, I figure it had to have been the attack on P4A-771. The 'gate itself was probably struck by enough energy during the firefight to influence the direction of the matter stream before we reached the other side. Colonel? 

O ' NEILL: I'm sorry, I wasn't listening. 

CARTER: What I'm saying is, we must have emerged through a Stargate relatively close to Earth in the 'gate network, somewhere between P4A-771 and Earth. Now, if the SG rescue teams reach the same conclusion, it could significantly reduce their search. 

O ' NEILL: That's good news. 

CARTER: Yeah. 


O ' NEILL: You IDed the seventh symbol yet? 

CARTER: Yeah, this one has to be the point of origin. I've never seen it before. No...batteries...guess it's now or never. 

O ' NEILL: I've always preferred now to never. [He coughs up blood] 

CARTER: Here goes. [As she dials the chevrons glow but nothing happens] Dammit! 

O ' NEILL: You dialled the right address? 

CARTER: Yes! It has to be something as simple as the control interface. If we can dig down to the panel on the DHD I can fix it. 

O ' NEILL: Negative. 

CARTER: Sir, we've gotta keep trying! 

O ' NEILL: Of course we do. But we've been awake for a very long time. It'll be there in the morning. [He crumples up in agony] God... 

CARTER: What about you? 

O ' NEILL: I told you we're gonna get out of here. It's just gonna take longer than we thought. 

CARTER: [Nods] Yes Sir. [Sounding unconvinced] 

O ' NEILL: Captain...? 

CARTER: [Nods] Yes Sir. 


Carter and O'Neill are snuggled up together on the icy ground. O'Neill coughs, Carter stirs. 

O ' NEILL: Captain. Much as I might otherwise think this is nice... 

CARTER: Sshhh, try to sleep. 

O ' NEILL: Is that what we were doing? 

CARTER: You were exhausted, you passed out. I just thought we had to combine body heat or we wouldn't make it through the night. 

O ' NEILL: That's fine, it's just really hard to sleep with broken ribs when someone's lying on you. 

CARTER: Sorry, sorry, sorry. [She moves] 

O ' NEILL: That's better. 

CARTER: Sleep for a few hours and I'll fix the DHD. 

O ' NEILL: Okay. Night. 

CARTER: Night...(Eyes widen) Oh....Colonel....! 

O ' NEILL: It's my sidearm, I swear... 

Carter giggles. 

O ' NEILL: No giggling, please...! 

CARTER: If we don't make it, I won't have any regrets, you? 

O ' NEILL: I'll regret dying... 

Jackson's walking around with a mug of coffee. He stops and stares at the Stargate. Upstairs, Hammond is equally pensive. Technician watches another team return... 

Carter is getting really annoyed with the DHD! 

CARTER: God, why won't you work! 

O ' NEILL: [Uses radio] Carter, Carter... 

CARTER: Colonel! [She leaps off of the ice block] Sir? 

O ' NEILL: I'm usually the first one up. 

CARTER: You're bleeding internally, I don't know how badly. Your broken leg may already be frostbitten, I can't tell. I've been trying to warm it up with the last of our cooking sterno but that's about had it. 

O ' NEILL: What's the bad news? Help me up. 

CARTER: No, Sir, you need to heal. That's an order. 

O ' NEILL: I give the orders around here. 

CARTER: Not Doctor's orders. [She takes a pan of water off of the cooker] I want you to drink as much of this as you can. Once that sterno dies, we won't be able to thaw any more. [She holds the pan to O'Neill's lips] I should have gotten you out of here by now, I'm sorry. 

O ' NEILL: You will, you will. 

CARTER: I have been working on the control panel for the last twelve hours, it just, I don't know why it won't work, it should work! I.. I'm missing something. 

O ' NEILL: Captain. 


O ' NEILL: It's time to go to plan B. 

CARTER: What would plan B be? 

O ' NEILL: You take the rest of the supplies and climb out of here. Take your chances up on the planet, head towards daylight. 

CARTER: If I can't get that Stargate to work, we will BOTH go. 

O ' NEILL: Right, I'll race you. Alright Captain, make it work. 

CARTER: Yes Sir. 


Carter is next to O'Neill, who is lying on the floor. 

O ' NEILL: I guess it didn't work. 

CARTER: I'm sorry. 

O ' NEILL: Not your fault. 

CARTER: I don't understand why it won't work! 

O ' NEILL: Captain, plan B, go. 

CARTER: No, Sir... 

O ' NEILL: Sam, I'm dying. Follow my order, please. 

CARTER: Sir... 

O ' NEILL: Please. 

CARTER: Yes Sir. [She sets off] 


Carter is climbing up an icy tunnel. 

CARTER: [Uses radio] Colonel, I can't see the surface yet, it looks like it just keeps going up. 

O ' NEILL: Sam. 

CARTER: Yes Sir? 

O ' NEILL: It was an honour serving with you. 

CARTER: Yes Sir. [She keeps climbing] 


Carter's still climbing. 

CARTER: [Uses radio] Colonel, I'm almost there. I'm gonna try and bring back help, Sir, I want you to hold that thought. 

She climbs out into the light. There is ice as far as the eye can see! 

Back in the SGC... 


Carter is still at the planet's surface. 

CARTER: [Uses radio] Colonel? It's an ICE PLANET. That's all there is as far as the eye can see. No chance. [She climbs back into the tunnel and shouts to O'Neill] Colonel! I'm coming down! [She loses her footing and slides all the way down to where O'Neill is lying] Colonel. [She crawls to his side and snuggles against him] Colonel... 

O ' NEILL: Sara... 

CARTER: I'm here, Jack. 

O ' NEILL: Cold, so cold... 

CARTER: I know. It's alright. You can sleep now. It was an honour surfing [yeah, I know] with you too, Colonel. 

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